Popular German TV online: Verbotene Liebe

The popular German TV soap opera Verbotene Liebe (forbidden love) has received multiple awards in the past, and has once been named the most popular soap opera in Germany. The soap opera airs on “Das Erste” and will most likely continue to be one of the most popular German soap operas that have ever been filmed. Since 2011, the show is shot in HD, so people get even more of a treat. The show started out with the plot of two people from two “feuding” families falling in love with each other. What they did not know was that the two are actually twins that were separated at birth – and of course a love between a brother and a sister is a rather forbidden, and even illegal kind of love. Of course, there were always other story lines, too. After all, soap operas are known for having quite a big cast of characters. Over the years, many of the characters disappeared (often because the actors wanted to stop being soap opera stars), and sometimes whole families needed to be written out of the show. However, they were usually replaced with other interesting characters, and it is the nature of soap operas that people come and go.

Who is the ideal audience for this German TV soap opera?

If you would like to watch German TV online and are interested in stories that are mainly centered around love relationships that are not always quite traditional, then you will find that Verbotene Liebe is your ideal fit. The show is well known for how it was also including gay characters into the show, and how they used the stories to make people see that this kind of love isn’t really such a bad thing. The soap opera has thus also become quite a hit with people from the LGBT community. The show is generally well written, and once you get hooked, it can turn into quite an addiction