What is Tatort?

Tatort is quite a cultural icon when it comes to German TV, and is produced in a rather unique manner. There are actually different Tatort TV series because the series is produced by a group of eleven different companies that produce Tatort episodes and whole series with their own actors and actresses in their region of Germany (or Austria and Switzerland). People who want to watch German TV online, and have an interest in Tatort, will need to know that the Tatort episodes are mainly shown on the channel ARD (also “Das Erste). However, some of the episodes that are produced in Austria were only available in Austria. It should not be too easy to catch up on those though if the viewer is really determined. There are well over nine hundred different episodes by now, so you will have plenty to watch if you get into that TV series.

The Tatort series is basically a crime and police series in which German, Austrian or Swiss police officers try to solve rather serious crimes (like murder). One of the most popular Tatort series was the one in which Götz George played the officer Schimanski. Even people who are not very interested in watching these kinds of shows will be able to tell you a little bit about that character.

Watching Tatort on German TV online

Tatort can be translated as “crime scene”, and shows like this are very popular all around the world these days. People enjoy how the problem of the whole episode is made known right at the start of the episode. The viewer immediately knows what the challenge is, and is curious about how the main characters of Tatort will be able to solve the crime. Sometimes, actually quite often, the solution of the crime also is quite dangerous for the people who are involved. Tatort is the kind of series that keeps people sitting on the edge of their seat.

The quality of Tatort series can differ, depending on who produced the series – but usually the quality of the episodes is quite high, and if you enjoy exciting shows about police procedures, then Tatort will be a series you will enjoy quite a bit.