What is Stromberg?

People who would like to watch German TV online do not always look for crime, adventure, action, and romance shows, series or movies. For those people, the German TV series Stromberg might be the right alternative. Stromberg started in the year 2004, and has been inspired by the British series “The Office” (which you can also see in the credits). Since then, over the various seasons (that can be watched online), Stromberg has turned into one of Germany’s most popular comedy TV series of all time.

The show takes place in the fictional office of a fictional company that deals with insurances – so you need to enjoy the setting of an office, otherwise the show might not exactly be a good fit for you. The series is so popular in Germany that a crowdfunding project raised a high amount of money so that a feature film could be produced (production of the movie began in late 2013).

Why watch Stromberg German TV series online?

Stromberg, which is aired on the private channel ProSieben, is one of the TV series that can be watched online if you are interested in German TV. But you might wonder why one would even be interested in watching TV in German online. There are many reasons why people might want to watch TV series like Stromberg online when they are not even living in a German speaking country.

Some people want to watch German TV series because they used to live in Germany (either just for a few years or because they were originally born there), and would like to keep in touch with what is happening in their favorite TV series. After all, some of those series can become quite addictive once you get attached to the characters and the story lines.

Other people who are interested in watching Stromberg online are people who are learning German as a foreign language and who would like to see how German is used in a different kind of setting. It also makes learning the language a bit more entertaining!