Classic German TV online: Das Traumschiff

Das Traumschiff on ZDF must be one of the most iconic German TV series that you can watch online. The series about the luxury boat ship that travels around the world has become very popular since its introduction in 1981. Even though the series is so old, there are not even 100 episodes yet. The series is quite different from other series on German TV, and the idea of how people are on that ship for a holiday, but can’t really escape each other if they have issues with each other seems to be quite appealing to a variety of people. The stories on the boat are always quite different: sometimes it is about a crew member falling in love with a passenger, sometimes it is about a murder on the ship, sometimes about the captain’s issues with his crew, sometimes about the crew falling in love with each other, sometimes about people missing on the ship, or people stealing from the passengers – so you see, many things happen on das Traumschiff (which can be translated as “dream ship” or “ship of dreams”).

Why Das Traumschiff is great when you want to watch German TV online

Das Traumschiff is a great German series to watch online if you like happy endings – because no matter what kind of horrible things happen on board, there will usually be a positive solution at the end. It is also a great series if you would like to see some exotic locations – after all, the ships ends up in a variety of different countries. The passengers that board the ship usually fall into two different groups: the first group is filled with people who would like to use the ship to escape the problems in their lives. The other group is filled with people who basically do not have many issues in their lives, but who somehow manage to end up in trouble when they are on the ship. Many different characters come together on the ship, and it is always quite interesting to see how they interact with each other.