What is the German TV series Lindenstrasse about?

Lindenstrasse, one of the most popular German soap operas, has been part of the German TV landscape since December 1985 – which makes it one of the longest running soap operas in Germany. 250 main characters have walked over the screen since then, there were 31 weddings, and the actual set for the outdoor scenes on the street (Lindenstrasse is a street name) is 15 meters long – but of course most scenes are shot within studios as a lot happens indoors in that series. The series is centered around the people who live in the street – the neighbors who like or hate each other, or who hate each other, and then love each other, and then hate each other again. So you can say that it’s your typical soap opera with lots of drama, love, and rivalry. This soap opera is popular on German TV because the actors and actresses come from all ages, and thus the series is attractive for younger and older people alike because nobody feels left out.

Where can I watch Lindenstrasse online?

If you would like to watch German TV online and decided that Lindenstrasse is the right soap opera for you, then the first thing you need to know is that the series originally airs on the channel Das Erste (ARD), which is one of the public TV channels (there’s a difference between public and private TV channels in Germany, and of course there is also pay TV like in other countries). Some episodes of Lindenstrasse you can watch on the series’ own website, but there are also online providers that give you easy access to this show and many other German TV shows and movies. Watching German TV online has never been so easy before. You can either binge-watch a few episodes in a day, or just watch one episode each day when it is shown live or shortly afterward. How you watch German TV online is up to you – you decide on the time, place and length of time you spend with it.