German TV program “Der Alte” is without any doubt, the oldest German TV series. With more than 30 years on air, this TV series fiction and crime captured my attention since the first moment (plus that i have something to talk about with my neighbours).

The crime drama was accompanied initially for Erwin Köster, which in my opinion is “someone who is sometimes grumpy, but extremely astute in his investigations”.

This wary humor and his always surprising combination of old techniques that Köster used to solve his cases have been the reasons why his colleagues call him “Der Alte” (the old man). Armed with the wisdom of age and experience, “Der Alte” hunts down criminals in Munich, assisted by his colleagues.

After he dies in episode 100 in 1986 as the result of a belly shot, the police chief Leo Kress, takes his place in the series.

Unlike loner Köster, Kress is more a team player that tenaciously pursues his cases. With the wisdom of the “old timers”, Chief Inspector Kress and his colleagues hunt criminals in Munich. One Characteristic of this Commissioners team is the peace that accompanies the investigative work. Kress never loses his poise; he is always full of patience for his fellow man.

By understanding the psychological make-up of his suspect, “Der Alte” craftily leads the criminal into his own trap, to the great surprise of his often perplexed staff. “Der Alte” has his own way of working. Definitely, “Der Alte” provides a unique insight into human nature.

The appeal of “Der Alte” is the rather realistic plot and the possibilities to solve the crime before the detectives do. However, you need to be a buff and pick up all the clues really quickly. In realtime, I merely manage that in one out of three episodes, and I am really an addict to “Der Alte”.

Another good thing about this series is that the murderer is always among the introduced characters and his/her motive largely traceable throughout the episode. A great contrast vs other series where murderers are divulged to the audience from the start.

On average, I would say that “Der Alte” is the best detective series on German TV. I am sure, you will like it especially if you are fond of detective serials.

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