Die Sendung mit der Maus - Educational Program for Children

Die Sendung mit der Maus

Category: Educational Program for Children
When? All Sundays 11:30am in ARD

This very successful German children TV series which first broadcast in 1971 is well loved and thought of highly for teaching the younger person.

This very popular children’s show is both humorous and educational and even though this program is initially targets on 4 to 8 year olds has most parents hook on every word. This is due to the informative explanations on how this are made, plus a need for the parents to vet every program their youngster watches. With this in mind it has come to light that the average age for this program is around 40 (as nans and grandads watch this german tv program too), some of their stories have even gained some cult status on the internet, making this too good a German show to miss.

“Sendung mit der Maus” has been a great source for us all, especially as they first explained how steel was made , then moved on to 3D printers and LED screens. With a big emphasis on the Motor Car industry were among them.

The show might also give you some insight into the German culture since some of the past educational programs have focused on difficult topics to explain to children, like Germany after WWII and Chernobyl.

As this program has been around a long time, most Germans will either know this program and or have seen a few episodes, why not even try using this German TV show as a way of breaking the ice and chatting in German to enhance your knowledge.

Lowenzahn - Educational Program for Children


Category: Educational Program for Children

When? Saturday in ZDF

Another popular German TV series for children, is Lowenzahn, this is a show which started back in the early eighties and has had an iconic host (Peter Lustig) who also narrator right up until 2005. This German TV show is still very popular among the older viewers.

Each 30 minute episode is dedicated to a separate topic and explains the workings out in every detail. This educational program enjoys explaining the most complex systems in the technology world through to the an everyday working system in the industry world, while making sure to grasp your attention to detail and understanding of the subject.

“Löwenzahn” takes situations from everyday life (e.g. “how can I cross a river without swimming”) and then explains physical, chemical, and biological processes behind things like how bridges are built, how glue works, how electricity is generated and transmitted, how photosynthesis works, how GPS works, how magnets work, etc.