Sat.1 Television – A good option for “family time”- If you want to experience a good family viewing, then watch Sat.1. They have a number of good programs you can watch with your children. Sat.1 is a Private Channel in Germany. ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG organizes free TV channels Sat. 1, kabel eins, Sixx, ProSieben and Sat.1 Gold Maxx. The TV program Sat.1 Gold: series, docu-soaps and movies Sat.1 Gold, is an special interest channel for entertainment, mainly aimed at women aged 40 to 64 years. Showing magazine programs, tv shows, movies, docu-soaps and music series as “Edel & Starck”, “Danni Lowinski”, “Der letzte Bulle”, “Wolffs Revier”, “K 11 – Kommissare”, “Niedrig und Kuhnt”, “Anna und die Liebe” and “Verliebt in Berlin”. The program focuses mainly on German productions. Of course the Docu-soaps you shouldnt miss on Sat. 1 Gold, where you can watch “Gräfin gesucht – Adel auf Brautschau”, “24 Stunden” and “Toto & Harry”. Also, older shows as “Britt”, “Zwei bei Kallwass”, “Richter Alexander Hold” and “Richterin Barbara Salesch” are offered in Sat.1. Sat.1 Self made productions On “gesund und lecker” you can watch topics such as health, nutrition, fitness and wellness. “Echt Gold – Mein Magazin” transmit topics such as shopping, cooking, living, travel and health. The most famous program from the Sat.1 series is “Ingo Lenßen: Ihr Urteil bitte!” where the lawyer Ingo Lenssen, who is known for the serie “Lenssen & Partner”, discusses with the audience and other law experts the veredict of previous real cases and educates around the verdict and its reasoning. After that, the studio audience may express its view on the outcome of the case by voting. How do I receive Sat.1 gold? Definitely through!