Of course the below channels are just some of the options that you will get when you invest in germantv24.com, and get to watch German tv online with the best programming from anywhere you’re at. Look at the many channels you want to look into and the above will definitely showcase the best online programs, news, sports, and more with relative ease.

ARD Tagesschau – One of the many public broadcasters coming from Germany, this channel started in 1950 offers a great deal of breaking news, journalism, and documentary reporting.

HR Fernsehen – local programming from Hessen is displayed here with a variety of programs running through.

ZDF Heute 100sec – Channel ZDF is perhaps one of the biggest and most prominent broadcasters in the region and offers news every 100 seconds, and therefore a great way to keep up with all sorts of information.

Phoenix – Public broadcasting and viewer supported television is found via Phoenix, a channel that enlightens, explores, and broadcasts special coverage of all sorts of different options worth looking into.

Muenchen TV – This channel offers everything from sports to cultural news, and so much more. It has been a private channel since 2005 .